Michael Lovegrove

President & Chief Creative Officer

Mike believes in the power of creativity and design to solve today's complex business and marketing challenges. He thinks agencies are in the best position to partner with clients to evolve and innovate their business. His approach leads TracyLocke to push beyond the industry norm of 'art and copy' and into more relevant ground of 'art and science' to design experiences that will motivate people to 'act and buy.'  He inspires artistic, strategic, and business people to work collaboratively to realize the potential in the fast-paced retail environment. After a decade at TracyLocke, he led the agency into its Centennial thriving through the Buy Design discipline he co-created and pioneered. Working closely with clients like PepsiCo, HP, Chase, Samsung, Reebok, and 7-Eleven, he gives every element of bringing a brand to life inspired attention. His passion and love for the business is contagious to clients, colleagues, employees and the industry.

Where other creatives see limits in retail, Mike sees limitless opportunity. He has always been at the forefront of leveraging digital technologies to design a user experience. His passion for skateboard culture and music permeates his energetic personality. Beyond his enviable sneaker collection and love for Morrissey, Mike's most precious time is spent with his family. He met his wife, Kelly at TracyLocke and they now have two adorable children Tanner and Reid.