“Everything we do at TracyLocke is designed to motivate people to buy and act.”
– Morris Hite, CEO 1950-1972

Over 100 Years Buy Design

TracyLocke is one of only a few agencies that have had over 100 years of success. Since Shelley Tracy and Raymond Locke joined forces in 1913, we have been an agency defined not by a singular discipline but by a single-minded philosophy.

Our legendary chairman Morris Hite put it best when he said, “Everything we do at TracyLocke is designed to motivate people to buy and act.” Today, we call it “Buy Design.” Over the years, we have built upon that philosophy to create some of the most powerful ideas and iconic brands in history.

Est. 1913  TracyLocke Is Born

Shelley Tracy and Raymond Locke form Southwestern Advertising Agency, known today as TracyLocke, in Oklahoma City.

1926  The Famous Dr Pepper Campaign

TracyLocke wins Dr Pepper and creates the first daypart marketing campaign, “Drink a Bite to Eat at 10, 2 and 4 O’Clock.”

1938  Elsie the Cow Becomes Borden’s Mascot

TracyLocke helps create Borden’s mascot, Elsie the Cow, later named one of the top 10 icons of the 20th century by Advertising Age. Borden was a client for 77 years.

1944  Morris Hite Coins the Term “Slacks”

TracyLocke revolutionizes the apparel industry, inventing a whole new category of casual pants dubbed ‘slacks’ for our client Haggar.

1946 TracyLocke Names 7-Eleven

The chain formerly known as Tote’m is rebranded to 7-Eleven, a reference to the store’s then-expanded hours of operation. The new identity helped propel 7-Eleven to success, now with over 55,000 locations worldwide.

1963  Happy 50th Birthday, TracyLocke

After half a century, TracyLocke serves some of the nation’s top companies and has 20 clients, eight of which were the largest-selling brands in Texas at the time.

1979  TracyLocke Names Tostitos

Frito-Lay, one of TracyLocke’s biggest clients, introduces a new snack. TracyLocke names it Tostitos, and they’re still on shelves – and at parties everywhere – today.

1992  Mike Rawlings Becomes Chairman and CEO

Current Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings becomes the 6th chairman and CEO of TracyLocke.

1996  Pepsi Stuff

TracyLocke and Pepsi team up to give away over $100 million in free merchandise through the wildly successful Pepsi Stuff promotion.

1997  Morris Hite Inducted into the AAF Hall of Fame

TracyLocke’s legendary CEO, Morris Hite, is inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of Fame.

1997  TracyLocke Opens in Wilton, CT

TracyLocke expands to the Northeast, temporarily opening up shop in a barn. Since then, we’ve moved off the farm into our home, with over 200 employees working on a variety of world-class brands.

2004  Pepsi Partners with iTunes

TracyLocke puts Pepsi and Apple together to help launch iTunes with one of the biggest promotions in music history.

2004  TracyLocke Goes All-In for Harrah’s Casinos

With the popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em on the rise, TracyLocke rebranded the World Series of Poker when it moved to Harrah’s Casinos, creating the logo and developing their brand identity.

2007  TracyLocke Brings Kwik-E-Mart to Life

To promote The Simpsons Movie, TracyLocke transforms 7-Eleven stores into real-life Kwik-E-Marts, bringing The Simpsons world to the real world. It becomes one of the top ten promotions of the decade.

2013  Tracy and Locke Join the Hall of Fame

Shelley Tracy and Raymond Locke are inducted into the Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame. Former CEO and current Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings is also inducted.

2013  Celebrates Centennial Anniversary

TracyLocke celebrates 100 years of success. Thousands of current and former employees and clients gather at the Dallas Museum of Art to toast another 100 years of exceptional work and partnership.

2015  Making History Together

TracyLocke helps celebrate one of our longest-tenured clients, PepsiCo, as they celebrate their 50th anniversary.