Hugh Boyle
Chief Executive Officer

From the minute Hugh became CEO of TracyLocke he has been a surge of inspiration and positive energy throughout our company. He is a highly motivated strategic and creative thinker with a deep understanding of the importance of digital technology across all disciplines and channels. He joined TracyLocke from Geometry Global where he was Global Chief Digital Officer. Hugh’s been responsible for many high-profile integrated campaigns and has managed multi-million-dollar digital revenues throughout EMEA, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific, across some 80+ regional offices. His decades’ worth of global, technological and business expertise is making a massive impact on our momentum as he drives innovation through TL Inc. and expands TracyLocke globally.

Michael Lovegrove
President & Chief Creative Officer

Mike Lovegrove is one of a new breed of creative leaders that our industry will need over the coming years. He blends integrated marketing experience and exceptionally high design standards with a deep understanding of the requirements of retail. As the architect of TracyLocke’s Buy Design methodology, he has been a driving force in the reinvention of our agency. Under Mike’s leadership TracyLocke has created game-changing platforms for PepsiCo, Pizza Hut, HP, T-Mobile and Pfizer. Mike’s interdisciplinary expertise and passion for the work has also played a pivotal role in the exponential expansion of our client roster. With his forward-thinking design approach, Mike is always one step ahead.

Tyler Murray
Chief Strategy Officer

The shopper marketing landscape has become a hotbed of innovation over the past few years, and Tyler Murray is one of the ones leading it. To Murray, the shopper journey is second nature, and he has a proven track record of pioneering new strategies to improve the relationship between brands and shoppers. He has worked with innovative thought leaders and world-class clients such as PepsiCo, Anheuser-Busch and P&G using big and small data to uncover priceless insights. He has also been instrumental in creating proprietary research platforms like the TL Empathy Lab and path to purchase model. His academic approach and range of experience provide a unique perspective on linking consumer and shopper insights to create actionable strategies that deliver highly effective campaigns.

Maria Zanghetti
Chief Operating Officer

Maria Zanghetti is a master of client service. With over 20 years of retail marketing experience across a multitude of categories, Maria knows what it takes to build and grow brands. From fashion, media and electronics to top CPG brands, Maria’s extensive knowledge of retail is a driving force in our success. As an agency leader, her focus is on developing strong, collaborative relationships that create sales. She has been instrumental in launching many of our portfolio brands, which she thinks gives her the right to park wherever she wants.

Stewart Campbell
Global Chief Financial Officer

After 25 years in financial and operational management, Stewart Campbell’s reputation precedes him. Stewart is known for tirelessly implementing the performance-improving programs and procedures that keep us moving forward. His wide range of experience in both public and privately owned companies across multiple industries, like advertising, real estate, healthcare, information technology and manufacturing, gives Stewart a varied and well-rounded perspective on our clients’ businesses and our own. He’s also a fifth-generation Texan and an avid acoustic guitarist – a combination that frequently makes quarterly financial meetings… interesting, to say the least.

Allison Pallotto
Chief of Staff

No one embodies the passion and commitment it takes to unlock personal potential more than Allison Pallotto. Since starting at TracyLocke as an executive assistant six years ago, Allison has broken through her comfort zone, letting her voice and ideas be heard in huge ways to become TracyLocke’s first Chief of Staff. In addition to working with our CEO and President on company-wide initiatives, partnering with our Communications Director to increase TracyLocke visibility, and elevating synergy across all offices, Allison has made it her personal mission to help ignite the passion of others in the company so they too can unlock their true potential.

Michael Bartlett
Managing Partner

Michael has a passion for developing powerful creative solutions to complex business issues. As the leader of TracyLocke’s PepsiCo business, he works with his team to deliver smart, innovative thinking. He also lends his considerable leadership to Harman’s world-class brands. From developing national ideas that build brand equity, to shopper-relevant programs designed to drive sales at customers like Walmart, Target, Kroger, 7-Eleven, Dollar General and Best Buy, Michael makes sure our Buy Design approach is always at the core. His vision and marketing prowess play a crucial role in our continued success with these critical clients and others in inspiring ways.

Stephen Miller
Managing Partner

Stephen is an 18-year veteran of TracyLocke. He’s also the nomad of the group, having worked in six different TracyLocke offices all across the country. His diverse career has given him valuable experience on top global brands such as Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, Lay’s, SC Johnson, Budweiser and Pizza Hut. Stephen has been able to grow with us through driving not just shopper marketing, but also brand strategies, national promotions and field marketing programs. He’s finally settled in our Global Headquarters as the Managing Partner, leading and designing brand experiences for all our Dallas-based clients.

Teresa Brammer
Director, Human Resources

Teresa’s philosophy on human resources is to be potential based, not need based. It’s not about filling a spot, it’s about fulfilling a spot. She is always looking for ways to broaden our recruitment techniques to attract well-rounded, world-class, multi-disciplinary talent. Teresa has 25+ years of HR experience in the Omnicom family, with a progressive track record of proven expertise in recruiting, employee relations, training and project management. She is a self-professed geek who loves to travel.

Sandy Stein
Executive Creative Director

Sandy loves the entire creative process and the energy that surrounds it. He looks at every opportunity as a chance to reimagine the way things have always been done, especially how language can be shaped to elevate ideas and make brands come alive. His experience as an award-winning creative leader on both the brand and shopper side of our industry gives him a unique perspective and clear vision for integrated success. From PepsiCo and Pfizer to Harman, Don Q Rum and Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sandy has been instrumental in the creation of many high-profile platforms, campaigns and product launches.

Phil Camarota
Executive Creative Director

“Creativity is subjective, but results are undeniable.” As a leader at TracyLocke, Phil is a firm believer that content needs to drive commerce. So whether it’s designed to be powerful or subtle, eloquent or disruptive, Phil ensures it’s always designed to be extremely effective. His passion for creative problem-solving goes across every discipline, but he has a special affinity for shopper marketing. Retail’s unique opportunities and raw potential provide Phil with the challenges that stoke his creative fire. He has used his unique skillset to create shopper-centric solutions for brands like Pepsi, Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Samsung, Don Q and Hershey.

Kryslyn Burks
Group Account Director, Assoc. General Manager

A problem solver by nature, Kryslyn is a tenacious marketer whose clients value her expertise and tireless passion for their business. Fearlessly devoted to finding innovative ways to use media and digital, Kryslyn has a reputation for uncovering unique solutions that drive growth. She has a gift for bringing diverse groups of talent together and is equally experienced building new brands as she is reinventing existing ones. In addition to running new business, Kryslyn has led breakthrough initiatives for The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau, 24 Hour Fitness and Downtown Dallas Inc. Always asking, “What’s next?” the only thing Kryslyn isn’t able to do very well is sit still.

Jim Sexton
Managing Director

Take a love of marketing and combine it with a passion for the theater and you get Jim Sexton. Jim has made a dramatic difference on every brand he has touched since coming to TracyLocke. He helped PepsiCo launch their shopper marketing division, take pop cultural branding to new heights and re-imagine the way they produce their annual operating presentations. Over the past two years he has led the HP account, successfully launching over 100 new products while building a world-class global retail marketing model. Recently Jim helped launch Unlocke Consulting, a unique service within our agency designed to provide category expertise to marketers. And if he seems really into it, it’s not an act.

Rob Webber
Executive Director of Studio Services

Rob leads a different kind of studio. It’s his belief in the delivering of today and the crafting of tomorrow that provides such a unique take on the traditional studio model. With experience spanning the spectrum from print to virtual reality, Rob aids the creative process through both executing against the channels of the present and exploring the potential of the future. His position and tenure within the TracyLocke family gives him full access to the breadth of our client portfolio, allowing him to drive best executional practices across all businesses.

Curtiss Bruno
Client Service Director

Curtiss lives by the mantra, “they don’t care what you know till they know that you care,” and has used it to navigate the Client Service seas for over 13 years at TracyLocke. He leads our Foodservice practice, helping PepsiCo and other clients grow share, drive engagement, launch and sustain countless product innovations. Curtiss most recently drove the successful development and implementation of the TracyLocke Five Year Strategic Plan. An accomplished fisherman, Curtiss knows that success comes from the perfect balance of passion, patience and persistence.

Michael Kelly
Communications Director

It would be difficult to find someone more passionate about TracyLocke than Michael Kelly. Michael started his professional career at TracyLocke over 15 years ago as an intern and proceeded to grow through the ranks of Account Service until he found his true calling, PR, becoming TracyLocke’s first Communications Director. Working directly with our CEO, President, Chief of Staff and Managing Partners, Michael has increased the visibility and awareness of TracyLocke within our industry as we rapidly expand across the globe. His love and passion for TracyLocke and the work we do is contagious – not only within our offices but also throughout social media.