Settling Into a New World

July 10, 2020

In the past few months, as our routines have continued to change and the way we think has evolved, we’ve started to see the long-term effects on our behavior. From how we get our food to where we want to live, everything is different.

In this edition of “The Drop” we’re tackling these new realities. We’re offering insights into how people are heading online and opting for direct-to-consumer groceries versus going in-store. Plus, we’ll give you insights into how retail spaces are developing to address the pandemic while still elevating the experience through contactless payment and curbside pick-ups. 

In addition, we discovered the shift of mindsets of people the world over. Nowadays you’ll find that consumers are leaning towards products that are backed by scientific research over home remedies. Not only that but we’re also taking a deeper look into how the population is no longer gravitating to big cities, but rather they’re in search of greener and more open spaces. 

The Drop is an important tool that stays up to date on what’s going on in our world, especially in this new environment. And as time goes on, we’ll continue to evolve this document to reflect how shoppers are settling into this new world. Download The Drop