The Drop – Holiday Edition

November 2, 2020

A cherished phrase in the American Christmas lexicon, “home for the holidays” takes on a whole new meaning in light of COVID-19. Instead of being a highly anticipated part of the holiday season, being home is now a necessity. And for many, their current “home” is not even the home they yearn for, which may be miles and miles away.

As the majority of Americans plan a massively stripped down holiday season, it forces contemplation upon the essence of favorite holidays. What does the holiday spirit really boil down to, and how can people effectively cherish the little things, making the most of what they do have?

As the New Year comes careening from around the corner, the question ringing out on everyone’s minds is “What does the new year bring?”. Many will reminisce with bittersweet nostalgia over the high hopes they had for 2020 while also wrestling with the almost crippling uncertainly of “What could possibly come next?”.

After an emotionally devastating year, holiday gatherings change from a tradition to a necessity as people yearn for closeness, comfort, and emotive catharsis. How ironic that, in so many places, COVID-19 continues to forbid this closeness. But as long as there is faith perseverance, and just an inkling of holiday cheer, connections will forge on in hopes of a brighter New Year. With this in mind, please enjoy the holiday edition of The Drop.