TracyLocke Recognized as Triangle Community Center’s Partner Of The Year

October 28, 2019

Triangle Community Center’s Executive Director, Sean-Michael Hazuda, said, “TracyLocke has totally transformed the face of TCC in the public eye.  The TL team is passionate about our mission, and their creative, talented staff has developed messaging that continues to attract and retain new clients and allies who find love and support in the personalized, caring programs and services that TCC offers.  With clients such as Pepsi and Starbucks, TracyLocke could continue to spend their efforts exclusively on these multi-million-dollar accounts.  TL, however, treats TCC as a valued partner, providing over $150,000 annually in in-kind services that a small agency such as ours could never afford.  TracyLocke is indeed TCC’s 2019 Community Partner of the Year!”