An Unforgettable Journey

This year at ESRI, the premier convention for mapping technology innovations, TracyLocke and HP created a fully-immersive experience named Destination Discovery. 

With the latest in mixed reality and virtual reality, visitors journeyed from the depths of the ocean to the surface of Mars. HP’s incredible high-definition prints and vivid colors also brought these awe-inspiring environments to life.

The space was divided and designed to showcase HP’s printing capabilities, from the DesignJet Z-series, that delivers high-definition prints, to the PageWide XL, that produces the fastest large-format monochrome and color prints. With detailed lug-ons, light beacons, and exceptional GIS map graphics, attendees were fully immersed in these stunning environments.

Using HP’s Z VR Backpack and the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset, attendees stepped into a 360° view of the surface of Mars and were able to experience the surrounding area as if they were standing right there.

Using the Mixed Reality platform attendees chose from a number of HP’s high-quality printers and viewed them in the virtual world, keeping the physical backgrounds of the booth intact.