Quinnipiac University

Designed To Move Ahead

Quinnipiac University approached TracyLocke to help evolve their overall branding while positioning them for success in the 21st century. The ask was to createa visual identity system to reflect the forward momentum of the school and enable their product to stand out from their competitors. More than up for the challenge, TracyLocke delivered a design system and messaging framework that are unique, authentic and ownable to the school for years to come.

We leveraged the existing university color palette and drew inspiration from the Quinnipiac plaid that was proprietary to the school. In order to modernize the core look and feel without making a complete departure from their heritage, we deconstructed the plaid and created an impactful design system. It reinforced a sense of momentum and was made to be flexible to work across all school touchpoints – including print, outdoor, TV, digital and experiential. The result: a fully integrated, modern campaign that both TracyLocke and the Quinnipiac community can be more than proud of.