Pepsi Declares a #ColaTruce with Coca-Cola

Atlanta, GA – home of Super Bowl LIII… and Coca-Cola. After we painted the town blue with our tongue-in-cheek OOH campaign, people were expecting more Cola Wars fireworks. We had something friendlier in mind. Outside World Of Coke stands a statue of John Pemberton – inventor of Coca-Cola – so we decided to pay him a visit and declare a one day #ColaTruce. We created a statue of Caleb Bradham – inventor of Pepsi – and delivered him right next to John. Before we knew it, #ColaTruce was trending and the internet lost its mind. People posted their own #ColaTruce pics, we were picked up by major media outlets, and in the end, we earned more than 130,000,000 impressions. We’ll raise a glass to that.