Pizza Hut

Rooted in Innovation

When Pizza Hut decided to introduce their new Plant-Based Pizza, complete with a new compostable round box, they came straight to TracyLocke. Inspired by their continued effort to reinvigorate the category, we saw this as a chance to reinvigorate the brand. So we redesigned their iconic “Red Roof” logo to a “Seedling Ceiling,” highlighting this new, and first for the category, innovation. TracyLocke then created new point-of-sale elements and employee swag to promote this one-of-a-kind pizza. With this new identity firmly rooted to build upon, we completely revamped their local Phoenix store to be a plant-based beacon for the community and used our social channels to tell locals about their chance to experience the product. Sales…ummmm…grew beyond our wildest expectations, proving the grass is always greener at Pizza Hut.