The Power of Possibility with Tina Manikas

The Beyond Barriers podcast is a platform dedicated to empowering women and narrowing the gender gap within the workforce. Spearheaded by founders with diverse leadership backgrounds, it aims to inspire and equip women with strategies for achieving success in their careers.

This week they featured our very own Tina Manikas, President of Tracy-Locke. With an extensive background in marketing and advertising, Tina’s journey to leadership is a testament to her vision, strategic thinking, and problem-solving prowess.

Through a reflection on her own journey, Tina touched on the importance of mentorship and highlighted the role they played in her own personal growth. She underscored the value of embracing challenges—using mistakes as teachable moments and focusing on priorities and possibility rather than pursuing perfection. Her advice resonates in a fast-paced world, where the ability to reflect and take purposeful action is a recipe for success.

Tina’s insights provide a roadmap for women to believe in themselves and assertively advocate for their own worth.

Catch Tina on the latest episode of Beyond Barriers to get inspired by her journey, learn about her favorite walk-up song and so much more!

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