Omnicom Announces Game-Changing Partnerships

From Walmart to Instagram and Amazon to Kroger, Omnicom announced many exciting e-commerce partnerships during the Cannes Lions festival in France this past week. The first is a partnership between Omnicom Media Group (OMG) and Walmart Connect. This data-intensive partnership lets us execute cross-screen planning against Walmart audiences throughout the Omni platform. Our planners can now identify the domains, apps and screens with the most effective reach and cost for Walmart audiences. Using Omni ID, we are then able to push advertisers’ first-party data to the Walmart DSP where it combines with Walmart audiences.

The second is a strategic partnership with Instacart involving sharing data and measurement that can more directly tie sales to TV advertising. Instacart is essentially weaponizing the troves of sales data it has from consumers searching for and purchasing products online, which makes this partnership a huge win for us and our clients as we will now be able to measure impact and drive sales more effectively.

The third partnership is with the king of commerce, Amazon, involving sharing data, new tools and several levels of talent training — all in the name of accelerating connected commerce. Although Omnicom and Amazon have been quietly collaborating for more than a year, its finally official. We are beyond excited to have access to data from the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) to improve e-commerce planning, media mapping and sales forecasting. Together Omnicom and Amazon have devised more client-partitioned environments for Omnicom clients than any other holding company. As Frank Kochenash, Omnicom’s CEO of eCommerce, said “…. putting all these things together allows us to create new things, new insights, and drive performance for our clients.”

In addition to these powerful partnerships, Omnicom struck a strategic collaboration with Kroger Precision Marketing that will deliver early-adopter opportunities to our clients. The agreement, which includes other commercial and strategic benefits, launched with Kroger Precision Marketing feeding its stock-on-shelf data sets on a daily basis to Omni, Omnicom’s marketing orchestration platform. So we now have access to information that will give us intraday insights in terms of actual shopper behavior along with market-basket insights, allowing us to understand what consumers are choosing to buy as substitutes when products are out of stock. 

We are incredibly excited about the enormous possibilities and potential these proprietary Omnicom partnerships offer us, as well as the tremendous tools and resources we now have at our fingertips to keep compelling commerce.

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