FedEx Office taps Tracy-Locke to help attract small business owners

Small-and-medium business owners across the country could use a helping hand as they try to realize their vision for success. And Tracy-Locke’s newest campaign tells them the best place to find it – FedEx Office. 

By spreading our message across CTV, streaming audio, out-of-home, digital and email, we were out to increase awareness of FedEx Office’s products and services with America’s 33 million+ small-and-medium business owners, as well as build a distinct brand identity under the umbrella of FedEx.  

We centered our campaign around a symbol any swamped business owner can identify with – The Checklist. We wanted to illustrate how FedEx Office helps them knock out their needs and bring their ideas to fruition. 

And after months of hard work alongside our clients, we couldn’t be more excited to check this campaign off our to-do list and send it into the world.