Data Ambassador, Storyteller,


When you talk about people changing the way we think about data innovation Michelle Tisdale tops the list. Tisdale is a new breed of leader who is re-imagining and redefining the possibilities of data and technology, not just for Tracy-Locke but the entire industry. We are so proud that her work and the incredible passion and energy she puts into it are featured in this month’s Tech-Exec Magazine. From data leadership to the use of data and insights in retail and commerce to the power of innovation and technology, the article explores how Tisdale’s forward thinking continues to help drive some of the most compelling creative work in the business.  

As Chief Analytics Officer Tisdale oversees all of Tracy-Locke’s data, analytics and business intelligence activities making sure the agency is always at the leading edge and moving the industry forward through innovation. I addition, Tisdale has played a key role in the creation, implementation and adoption of Omni, Omnicom’s industry-leading data and marketing orchestration platform that helps examine key issues, identify rich insights and craft sharp strategies that inspire compelling commerce ideas. This level of insight and capability is built on information on millions of people, in-depth consumer behavior insight and retail-customer level data that informs every stage of Tracy-Locke’s development process.


Michelle is a data ambassador, a storyteller, and when it comes to Omni, an expediter. But more than anything she truly loves what she does. As Michelle says, “I see my job as endearing everyone to data, making it not scary and showing the potential it has to bring greater value to all their work. It’s fun, and that’s how it should be.” We couldn’t agree more.

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