Tracy-Locke and Pepsi create new beverage you have to drink to Billieve.

Ahh football season. The perfect excuse to drink ice-cold Pepsi and eat a bunch of wings – the de-facto food pairing of, well… football. Which gave us an idea… What would happen if we combined them? An incredibly polarizing, surprisingly delicious beverage, that’s what! But just telling people to make the drink would have been boring. So, we enlisted the help of the king of wings (who just so happens to play in Buffalo), superstar QB Josh Allen.

Then we teamed up with the Bills to start creating some chaos, stealthily posting the video online. All that was left to do was grab the popcorn, sit back, and watch the internet freak out. Reactions ranged from “why would anyone ever do this?!” to “maybe it’s sneaky good??” Shortly after we released the “found footage” into the wild, we posted a follow up video starring Josh, but this time we simply taught people how to make their own Buffalo Pepsi.

With impressions still climbing, all that’s left to do is pour a tall, frosty glass of Buffalo Pepsi and keep watching the internet’s reaction.