Entertainment Commerce is driving us to a new norm; every moment is shoppable.

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through Instagram only to find you just bought a new sauce pan because your favorite influencer featured it in their latest livestream? Or been in the midst of a game of Fortnite when you realize your character is wearing the latest Air Jordan’s long before you’ve gotten your hands on them?

That’s Entertainment Commerce.

This mega-trend is not about making shopping experiences more entertaining. Rather, it is the embedding of brand experiences into platforms traditionally designed for entertainment with the opportunity to buy presented as an ingrained part of the experience. And it is compelling people to buy in ways they never have before. We at Tracy-Locke have been monitoring how Entertainment Commerce is emerging across media channels and its effect on consumers.

We are already seeing it revolutionize the purchase journey and transform people into impulsive, irrational shoppers. Entertainment Commerce will not just be a set of tactics for brands to deploy but will truly present a new model for us as marketers in which any moment of life can instantly lead to conversion. In this edition of The Drop, we start the conversation around this shift towards always-on shoppability.

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